Gertrude Salon New York, NY

54 sec
Gertrude Salon curated by whitewall at Grimanesa Amoros Studio
Kenneth Schlenker and Michael Klug
New York, NY

Gertrude Salon

“Founded in December of 2012 and based in New York City, Gertrude is the world’s network for art events. We help people gather to learn, discuss, and collect art curated by today’s visionaries – we call these events Salons. We are redefining the art Salon for the 21st Century, like Gertrude Stein did for her time.” (


Whitewall is the only independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine. Published quarterly, Whitewallbegan to set new standards for high-end, luxury publications with its launch in March 2006. Since then it has gained international acclaim. The magazine aims to go beyond the stark white walls of the art gallery to reveal the personalities that shape the art world and other creative industries. Whitewall delivers an unprecedented intimate experience for the most discerning readers.” (”

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