Lights Sculpture Installation


PINK LOTUS | New York, NY 2015

PINK LOTUS, a large-scale, site-specific light sculpture was installed on the façade of The Peninsula Hotel New York in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. The light sculpture is part of “The Art of Pink,” an international Breast Cancer Awareness Month arts initiative sponsored by The Peninsula Hotels worldwide. PINK LOTUS has been exclusively curated for The Peninsula Hotel New York by Circa 1881.

Light Sculpture Installation: PINK LOTUS
The Peninsula Hotel New York, New York City, NY 2015
Media: LEDs, diffusion film material with etched drawing, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Dimensions: 41 ft x 31 ft x 17 ft


The installation intends to highlight the entrance to the hotel with a focus on the Palladian window above and the carvings of the Roman Goddess Ceres and Diana.PINK LOTUS creates a dialogue with the existing architecture and the history of the site by drawing attention to both of the Roman Goddesses, who represent the power of women worldwide, and to the lotus flower’s symbolic associations with creation, enlightenment and rebirth.

The first time I saw a pink lotus, known to be a source of enlightenment, purity and abundance, in Shanghai, I was immediately mesmerized by its beauty, shape and movement. The idea of balance is the spiritual principle anchored in my work and a determining factor for my perspective and perception of nature and landscape – being present and active.