Light Sculpture Installation

Grand Palais – The Biennale des Antiquaires

TIMELESS MOTION (in Life and Light) | Paris, France 2016

For The Art Jewel’s debut at the Biennale, Amorós was invited to create a unique, immersive environment in which the relationship between the objects, the light, and the site offers new ways to experience jewelry pieces. With nature and architecture as shared sources of inspiration and a starting point, Amorós conceived an art installation, which serves as a physical space showcasing the jewelry. A curvaceous structure, built by hand of translucent silkscreened polycarbonate and illuminated by a custom programmed LED light sequence, it brings nature indoors and envelops visitors within a chapel like space. The atmospheric, ephemeral quality of the setting is further reinforced with a slow movement of lights, which reflect on the art jewels, making each piece come alive. Viewing jewels in this environment thus aims to transcend a purely aesthetic experience and become a meditation on the theme of nature and life.

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware. Dimensions: 25 ft x 23 ft x 13 ft<