Commissioned Site-Specific Proposals

Time Equities Art-in-Buildings

LUCENT | 1000 M  Chicago, USA

Commissioned Proposal created for the Time Equities, Inc. Art-in-Buildingsw cooperation for the 1000 M building in Chicago.
Dimension: 10 feet x 16 feet x 12 feet


The rippling reflection of sunlight off Lake Michigan and the flow of its tidal waves inspired Grimanesa Amorós’ site-responsive sculptural installation LUCENT for the lobby of 1000M. Amorós structured the work to recall waves, while the lighting sequence acts like a digital sundial. The sculpture's sequence reflects these waves at two pivotal points of the day, sunrise and sunset. The tones of the lighting sequence contain soft yellows and white hues to reproduce the light effects seen on the lake’s surface during those same points in the day’s cycle. LUCENT aims to bring the outside glow of light inside for all to enjoy. LUCENT’s intent is to engage the viewer and have them react in a way where they can develop their own connection and personal moments with the work and the space, while also looking back on their own memories of the lake.
When a viewer experiences LUCENT, they establish a relationship to the building and its neighbor, the spectacular Lake Michigan. LUCENT is the first element a resident or guest of 1000M sees as they enter the building, and it will guide them in to and through the lobby. LUCENT will allow residents and guests to experience the architecture of building and the movement of the lake in a captivating and wholly new manner, encapsulating the collaboration of city and nature and combining what the two distinct things have in common: light.