Commissioned Site-Specific Proposals

13th Havana Biennal | Detras Del Muro

Mariposa Dorada | Sarra Building, Havana Cuba

My first impression when I went to Cuba was, “What a beautiful island.” The country is known for many things, but what was most intriguing to me was its wild and attractive landscapes. This wild life contained many different species of vegetation and plants. I was specifically intrigued by the islands diversity of flowers. My favorite was the Cuban national flower, FLOR DE MARIPOSA. Its delicate white petals frame the flower’s pistil, which resemble the wings of a butterfly, hence the name butterfly flower. 

In addition to the flower’s beauty, it also has a wide range of uses, such as: perfumes, medicine, and even paper making. The flower was also used during colonial Cuba to hide independence messages to its citizens. My piece, MARIPOSA DORADA, inspired by this flower, will not only focus on the flowers elegance, but also its potency and ability to share a message, that beauty can be fierce.


MARIPOSA DORADA is interactive and can be observed from different angles of the boardwalk. At the center of the piece is a mirrored dome, which will cause the lights to be eternally in motion. Incorporated with the dome and lighting sequence is a layer of specially engineered reflective fabric that will cover the facade of the building. This fabric creates a scene of the flower blooming. The lighting sequence will contain sparks of gold light to embrace the flowers fragility and the strength of the Cuban people. The light reflected by the mirror-like properties of the domes within the structure highlights the surroundings of the installation. The goal is for the viewer to connect with the boardwalk, the architectural space, and the sculpture, which will generate an ethereal experience.