Commissioned Site-Specific Proposals

ODA Architecture, New York

IUGO | New York City, NY

Created for the lobby of the Nexus Building in New York, constructed by Oda Architecture.


Media: LEDs, diffusive reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
Dimensions: 11 ft 6 in x 3 ft x 1 ft 2 in

IUGO is latin for connect or joint. This piece was made specifically in inspiration of joining together the lights of New York City and the vibrancy of Tel Aviv.

The form of IUGO was not only inspired by the location of the piece, Manhattan, but also the country of Israel. As a young girl I loved to look and study the structures and drawings of maps. While brainstorming for this piece, I came across an old map of Manhattan I once studied. The longer I looked at the map the more I noticed that the island had a very similar shape to that of the country of Israel. The similarities of there outlines is what led me to create a piece combining the two cities.

The silkscreens atop of the pieces cupolas were inspired by my plane ride while descending into Tel Aviv. It is my natural inclination when traveling on a plane to look out the window; in this case, when I peered out I was amazed to see vineyards, citrus groves, and olive fields. Immediately I took out my smartphone to record the amazing fields of different produce. It was the lineation and set up of these crops that led me to the final print of IUGO