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Sunday January 18th, 2009 at 4:00pm Gallery Talk with artists Richard Dupont and Grimanesa Amoros Both artists currently have installations on exhibit at HVCCA on view through January 18th, 2009. The event will open with a brief talk and introduction by HVCCA President/Co-Founder Dr. Livia Straus followed by presentations by the artists.  LINK: //www.hvcca.org/emails/2009/email_JanuaryEvents.html FREE with museum admission
Dupont’s new installation “Between Stations” at HVCCA will consist of two new large scale figurative sculptures situated contextually within the space of the museum, and intended to engage the viewer in a “conversation” that is both spatial and philosophical. Originating from a laser scan of Dupont’;s own body, these sculptural doppelgangers are adulterated versions of his original form, and have been distorted using digital technology before being cast in resin and hand finished. Standing just over life size and occupying ambulatory space, these static “performers” reveal themselves differently from various vantage points, alternatively massive and dematerializing, engaging the movement of the viewer. Raising philosophical questions about the humanist tradition in the age of body mapping and surveillance, the works are also self reflexive meditations on sculptural forms from the ancient past to the distant future. LINK: //hvcca.org/dupont.html
“Rootless Algas” explores Amoros’ experience on the remote island of Flatey in Breidafjordur Bay, off the coast of Iceland. Her intent was to capture the essence of the surrounding area and the awe and isolation which she felt. The rocks on the shores of Flatey were covered with thick accumulations of a type of algae that she had never seen before. They hold on to each other like refugees, to facilitate ocean travel. Her fascination with the algae increased as she identified with them. LINK: //hvcca.org/amoros.html
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