Optica Festival La Paz 2009, Bolivia

A Videos by Grimanesa Amorós

Optica Festival La Paz 2009, Bolivia

August 20-29, 2009 Cinemateca Boliviana Sala 2 – Oscar Soria C/ Oscar Soria esq. Rosendo Gutiérrez, 110 (San Jorge) La Paz

For more information about this festival please visit the Festival Óptica y Cinemateca Boliviana sitio web

Optica is one of the first projects of its kind and, at the same time, is among the contemporary art events which attracts the most media attention. This initiative, organized by the Asociación Cultural Colectivo Interferencias, offers a forum for interchange and promotion that encourages an encounter with visual experimentation at an international level. To experiment means to go in search of the unknown. Videoart breaks established precepts, conferring prominence on the essence of film: light, sound and movement, in some cases resulting in pure abstraction. That’s why it’s one of the most natural and genuine forms of audio-visual culture, to the degree that it demands a subjective perception of space-time, through the technology of the electronic image.

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