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Site-Specific Light Sculpture SHELTER ISLAND PROJECT AETERNUM | Shelter Island, New York 2023  

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Upcoming: Site-Specific Lighting Installation Harper St. Asphalt Plant FLEXUS | Queens, New York 2027

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Site-Specific Light Sculpture NOOR RIYADH AMPLEXUS |  Cultural Palace Diplomatic Quarters, Saudi Arabia 2022 Noor Riyadh AMPLEXUS Diplomatic Quarters

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Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation Azkuna Zentroa Alhóndiga Bilbao The Wellbeing Summit SCIENTIA | Bilbao, Spain 2022

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Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation   CETHA |  Palazzo Colesanti, Viterbo, Italy 2019

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Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation RELIANCE GROUP / MAKER MAXITY JIO WORLD DRIVE GOLDEN ARRAY | Mumbai, India 2021

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Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation BRIC Arts Media  HEDERA |   Brooklyn, NY 2018

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Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation Soleri Bridge Scottsdale Waterfront, Canal Project GOLDEN WATERS  |  Scottsdale, AZ  2015  

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Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture UES Landmark Town House AZURE | New York City, NY 2021 | Site Specific Light Sculpture

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Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture The Bronx Museum of the Arts | White 80 Street ARGENTUM | Manhattan, NY 2019  

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