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Medios artísticos BRIC 

HEDERA | Brooklyn, Nueva York 2018

Medios de comunicación: 

LEDs, diffusive and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware and stainless steel.


50 pies x 50 pies x 40 pies


HEDERA es un proyecto creado en honor a BRIC ¡Celebra Brooklyn! Festival. The structure takes inspiration from the bandshell stage and the natural beauty of the vegetation in the park. Because of this, the sculpture is raised above the grass while its dome shape envelopes the audience.

The work is a lighting sculpture that interacts with the Brooklyn community, as it does not interrupt the flow of the environment with its lighting sequence but rather amplifies it. When the viewer walks into the center of HEDERA, they will see above their reflection in the dome. Thus, the piece cultivates a relationship between public space and community through the conversation it generates.

At the nucleus of the piece, visitors will see smaller protruding domes to relate to a plant’s central bud. With groups of people under the structure, the reflective shadows can give an image of a flower blooming.

HEDERA creates a space where concepts, thoughts, and experiences converge to inspire change. It is a wish for the sculpture coexists with its viewers, bringing them closer to an ideal world where individuals can unite in celebration of diversity and shared humanity.

A tiempo para la temporada de su 40 aniversario, BRIC commissioned Grimanesa Amorós to create HEDERA. This monumental light sculpture created moments of connection at the Prospect Park Bandshell en Brooklyn. 

Markedly, HEDERA created a compliment for the ¡Celebra Brooklyn! Festival. Because of this, the work seeks to enhance dialogue between public space and community. 

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