Instalación de escultura de luz específica del sitio comisionada

Arquitectura ODA / Nexus

IUGO | Ciudad de Nueva York, NY 2021

IUGO es una escultura de luz creada para el vestíbulo del edificio 176 E 82nd Street en Nueva York. El edificio está desarrollado por Grupo de desarrollo de edificios NEXUS y diseñado por AOD Nueva York.

Medios de comunicación: LEDs, material difusor y reflectante, secuencia de iluminación personalizada, hardware eléctrico. acero inoxidable. Dimensiones:11 pies 6 pulgadas x 3 pies x 1 pie 2 pulgadas


IUGO, Latin for connect or joint, was created with a specific vision to intertwine New York City’s lights with Tel Aviv’s vibrancy. The inspiration behind this piece stemmed from its location in Manhattan and the essence of Israel itself. Grimanesa Amoros, the visionary artist behind IUGO, recalls her fascination with maps, often studying their structures and drawings during her youth. While brainstorming for this project, she stumbled upon an old map of Manhattan, realizing that the island bore a striking resemblance to the outline of the country of Israel. This intriguing connection between the two locations sparked the inception of a piece that would artfully merge these two cities.

The silkscreens in IUGO were inspired by a profound moment during Amoros’s plane descent into Tel Aviv. Captivated by her surroundings, she peered out the window to witness breathtaking vistas of vineyards, citrus groves, and olive fields sprawled across the landscape. The mesmerizing arrangement of these diverse crops eventually led to the development of the final print in IUGO’s cupolas.

Through IUGO, Grimanesa Amoros unites the spirit of two iconic cities, New York and Tel Aviv, creating an artwork that seamlessly weaves their distinct identities