Escultura de luz permanente específica del sitio

Philippe Starck Malecón

DNA| Lima, Peru 2016



Medios de comunicación: LEDs, material de difusión, vinilos, secuencia de iluminación personalizada, hardware eléctrico.
Dimensiones: 7 pies 3 pulgadas x 4 pies x 1 pie 2 pulgadas


uros is part of a series of light sculptures by Grimanesa Amorós. Thus, sculpture is Amorós’ interpretation of the floating Uros Islands in Puno, Peru, hand-made with Totora reeds by the indigenous uros.

Off the coast of Puno, Peru are the Uros Islands. Because the Uros Islands are floating islets that are made of totora reeds grown in Lake Titicaca, everything, ranging from houses to boats to watch towers, is made of these totora reeds. Uros House embodies the beauty of the sea foam while maintaining the traditional technique and shape of the Uros islands houses.

The artwork infuses the DNA of the commissioner by silkscreening the pattern of his hair onto the islands.