Solo Exhibition

Ludwig Museum

Ocupante  |  Koblenz, Germany 2016

Media: mixed media, LEDs, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.

Dimensions: 80 ft x 40 ft x 25 ft


The Ludwig Museum is a significant historical landmark at the iconic “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner). Within this symbolic space, fragments of the Berlin Wall pay tribute to the “victims of the division,” reminding us of the detrimental consequences of borders on human connections and cultural exchange. OCUPANTE aims to transcend these barriers and forge meaningful connections between individuals and cultures. This sculpture embodies the aspirations of a harmonious and interconnected world where dreams and realities coexist, and cultural exchange thrives. By inviting viewers to enter the museum space, OCUPANTE blurs the line between observer and occupant, encouraging active participation and engagement. It serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative potential when we bridge divides and embrace the richness of diverse perspectives. This lighting sculpture fosters connection. It serves as a living testament to the power of culture, inspiring creativity and nurturing a vibrant global community. The OCUPANTE catalog, published by HIRMER, offers a detailed insight into this extraordinary artwork. To delve deeper into the intricate facets of OCUPANTE, please click here to access the catalog page.