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Grimanesa Amoros self portraits in Gunter Gallery
Grimanesa Amoros self portraits printGrimanesa Amoros self portraits printGrimanesa Amoros self portraits print
4 Limited Edition prints signed and numbered by the artist
Digital prints using pigmented inks on Baryt Semiglossy Photo Paper 310g, dimensions: 35 x 45 cm, series of 25 units

Grimanesa Amorós (born in Lima, Peru) is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests including social history, scientific research and critical theory.  She uses sculpture, video and lighting to create works that illuminate our notions about personal identity and community.  Amorós’ work explores the duality between ancient spirituality and modern technology.

Gunter Gallery is an online art gallery focusing on publishing and sale of limited edition graphic works by worldwide artists.

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