Artron Net CAFA Museum

1:15:27 Artron Net – Grimanesa Amoros full Lecture at CAFA Beijing, China 2013
China Central Academy of Fine Arts “The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) located in Beijing, the capital of China, is an academy where culture, history and art are flourishing, which enjoys the best art resources of the world. CAFA, as a leading institution for modern art education in China, provides a rich land for those who wish to learn experience and engage in creativities, which has nurtured quite a lot of pre-eminent artists.” ( Artron Net “ was invested by Artron group and set up in October, 2000. As the world well-known Chinese art website, provides comprehensive services to art institutions, collectors and art fanciers of China as well we the whole world through online media and value-added news.”(
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