Horasis Meeting

Horasis Meeting
41:00 The Arts – The Artist as a Futurist in the Post-COVID Era 2022
Panelists: Grimanesa Amoros, Rebecca Chamberlain, Ron Laboratory, Kristin Leachman, Bonnie Peterson
Chaired: Lisa Freiman, Curator & Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts
New York City, NY


Horasis: The Global Visions Community is an independent international organization committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future.
Horasis hosts annual meetings to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today.

The Arts – The Artist as a Futurist in the Post-COVID Era
Artists don’t define themselves as futurists as they work from their hearts, expressing their feelings predicated on their sensing of local situations. Usually, their works are not defined uniquely by an epoch. Philosophically, can one illustrate a future without a past? What might the future look like in the artists’ perception of a post-COVID world? What might such a maven portray to alter our futures?

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