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Grimanesa Amorós, Light Between The Islands, 2013, LEDs, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
GRIMANESA AMORÓS Light Between The Islands

Litvak Gallery cordially invites you to the opening reception of Grimanesa Amorós Performance by Ivri Lider in celebration of his collaborative installation with the artist

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 19:00 – 21:00 Artist talk at the gallery Friday, February 15, 11:00
Light Between The Islands, an installation by Grimanesa Amorós includes islands of shimmering white bubbles, from various sizes, handmade from a different mold and drawings silkscreened over each of their surfaces. During the installation process, Amoros will be creating sculptural islands rising upward and outward from the floor of the gallery. Amoros makes use of innovative materials, LEDs, lighting programing, and video animation to illuminate the gallery space. The bubbles that form her installations, are apart of modular units and layers. She multiplies and arranges the units into structures that could become monumental in scale while appearing to be weightless. The appearance of the artworks will change as light that streams through the gallery’s front window changes throughout the day. Sometimes the installation will seem buoyant and ethereal, while at other times it will appear to be a solid mass. In any guise, Amoros intends for Abundance of the islands to convey a sense of wonder and playfulness. As visitors walk around, they will encounter and react to its presence and magic of her beloved Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca. An important component of Light Between The Islands is Amorós’ new video work, MIRANDA, which mixes images ancient of Incan monuments, animations of the artist’s face transformed with imagery derived from Incan sun masks, and shots of sea foam washed up on the Peruvian coastline. It also features a beautiful soundtrack commissioned from Ivri Lider of the Young Professionals, one of Israel’s best-known young pop musicians. (Amorós often collaborates with highly respected contemporary musicians from the areas where she is exhibiting.) Large comfortable cushions on the floor invite viewers to lie down and become immersed in the video’s sound and images, another generous gesture from this artist.

Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz St. Tel Aviv, Israel 64238

For further information on the exhibition contact Nava Meshulam, spokeswoman, Litvak Gallery at [email protected] or Contact Zhenron Kuo at [email protected] for information about Grimanesa Amorós
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