The Civita Institute | 05.21.2021
NY / Italy

Etruscan Connections in the Hill Towns of Central Italy


The 40th Anniversary Celebration of The Civita Institute and Membership Drive Virtual Events will feature the World Premiere of METHLUM, a short film by the acclaimed interdisciplinary Peruvian-American artist and past Civita Institute Northeast Chapter Fellow Grimanesa Amoros with music performed by the Norwegian Grammy 2020 award winner, the violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing.

To help explain the context of METHLUM, the evening will include a presentation about the history, culture, landscape, and “rock-cut” subterranean environment of Tuscia (the ancient region of the Etruscans) by Civita Institute 2011 University of Washington Rome Center Alumni Fellow Kit Coty. The film and presentation will be followed by a short but lively discussion between Grimanesa and Kit, moderated by Civita Institute Board Director Steve Butler, plus a Q&A session to round out the event.

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