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 Brooklyn paper article featuring light sculpture HEDERA of grimanesa amoros at Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY


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You light up my life: Artist Grimanesa Amorós stands in front of her light-up sculpture “Hedera,” currently on display in Prospect Park.


Photo by Jordan Rathkopf


This is an ivy-league sculpture!

Visitors to the opening night of the Bric Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival in Prospect Park may have been confused by the massive installation of tubes lighting up the lawn in front of the concert’s Band Shell. The artist behind the light sculpture “Hedera” — the Latin word for ivy — says that is exactly the reaction she wants to provoke in viewers.


“My goal is to cause curiosity, even from the title,” said Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amorós, who lives in the distant borough of Manhattan. “I want to make them think.”


The concept of the light artwork HEDERA


Amorós said that she crafted her sculpture to mimic the weaving strands of ivy plants, as well as to echo the shape of the band shell.


“Ivy kind of grows wild, so that’s the relationship of the piece to the band shell, it weaves [around] the environment,” she said.


The snaking tubes of “Hedera” form a 40-foot-wide dome, 24 feet tall at its highest point. The pulsing red and white illuminated cylinders will hover over guests watching the concerts, which run from June 5 through August 11.


Amorós said she chose the installation’s vibrant red to contrast with the meadow’s lush green — and because it is her favorite color.


Those who walk or sit under the sculpture’s cupola and look up into its center will see their own reflection looking back, and Amorós hopes the sight will generate conversation about what the sculpture means, she said. “Some people are going to love it and want to make their own understanding of the piece,” she said.  

About the artist


Amorós has shown off her work all over the world, including in Mexico City and in Times Square, but “Hedera” is her first sculpture in Kings County. She is excited to have curious Brooklynites view, photograph, and Instagram her piece as they enjoy the concert series and the natural sounds of the park, she said.


“It has been quite wonderful to be here in Brooklyn and in the park,” said Amorós. “The community really gets to enjoy the balance of performing arts, this year paired with visual art.”


“Hedera” at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Prospect Park (enter at Ninth Street and Prospect Park West in Park Slope, June 5–Aug. 11. Free.


Under the dome: The reflective underside of the dome-like structure encourages visitors to watch themselves and consider the structure’s meaning.


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Read the article on Brooklyn Paper: click here Download the article. 

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