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Grimanesa Amoros: Voyager
Grimanesa Amoros, one of the most prominent interdisciplinary artists working today is a native of Peru.  Her works span the fields of social history and critical theory as well as sculpture and imagery.  She recently exhibited at Beijing’s Yuan Space for a video retrospective entitled VOYAGER.

Text: Jeffrey Ying

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How did you decide to become an artist?

I had a sold out show at the age of eighteen. Thinking that this early success would leave me complacent I moved to New York City to try to make it on my own as an artist. Also I won a scholarship to study painting and printmaking at the Art Students League at once. Because I’ve always thought of paint in sculptural terms, when I had my own studio I was finally able to create three- dimensional works of art.

Which events have been most influential in your work?
I made a trip to the West Coast of deep black Africa in 1994. This was the inspiration for my first installation, FOTOMAMA. The richness of the cultures in Africa changed my perspective of time and composition which continues to influence my work today. My Peruvian roots, the memories of the ocean, the foam, mountain and the vineyards in my native Peru have great influence on my work as well.

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