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Golden Waters Arizona, USA


Golden Waters, a temporary light installation by artist Grimanesa Amoros that extended from the famous Soleri Bridge, was on view from June to 30 September 2015. Scottsdale Public Art, a leader of defining art in the public realm, was the sponsor of the installation.

Inspired by and reflecting the natural elegance of the Arizona canal, a nearly fifty mile long body of water that runs through Scottsdale, Golden Waters was mounted on a secure structure attached to the bridge, designed by artists, architect and philosopher Paolo Soleri. The hovering light sculpture extended parallel to the canal channel eighty feet west of the bridge. Golden Waters’ LED tubing system appeared to rise from the canal waters below, celebrating the union of light and water.

The vertical and horizontal lines of the installation served as a metaphor for the dynamic balance between urban and natural forces that can be experienced simultaneously. Golden Waters hoped to engage viewers by emphasizing a unique perspective on nature and landscape.
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