Light Sculpture



AZULIN #1 is a light sculpture by Grimanesa Amoros.

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, customs lighting sequence, electric hardware

Growing inch by inch along the coastline of the tropicals lives and breathes the mangrove. Through the crystal clear waters, its roots begin to duplicate, developing a forest of mystery from within.

The mangrove is dense and interlaced. Nature is the purest form and most original source of beauty; the mangrove is no exception with its bright green leaves and its deep roots lace one another. Mangroves are a natural filter for the environment, protecting water quality by removing nutrients and pollutants. They protect those who live surrounding them by absorbing the influx of water due to heavy rains and storm surges. Mangroves are nature’s protector and to those who live in interaction with them.

AZULIN was inspired by the Mangroves in Central America. The color of the piece is not the classic of the mangrove, but it represents its environment. These shrubs have a thirst for saltwater, as, without it, they have no home. They are connected to the sea, rooted in it.

AZULIN aims to encapsulate the viewer with its twists and turns and lure them into exploring further like the mangrove tempts to do with the dense wall of its branches.