(Encaustic Panels)


Year: 2001 Drawing Ink on hand made abaca paper with encaustic medium and beeswax on Birch plywood. Dimensions: 8 inches Height x 8 inches Length Photos by Grimanesa Amorós Studio

“Body Cells” is part of a body of encaustic panels originating from the set entitled “Snow and Grass.” The statement for that set discusses some of the underlying ideas and methods in this piece and the others.
When making this work, I became very interested in the composition of the cells that make every part of my body. They are invisible to the naked eye but ever-present, engaging the imagination. Cells are similar in form to the whole body. They have various layers; an inner and outer appearance. I explore my curiosity with them in this work, with the idea of an invisible thing that is so fundamentally me.