Before and After
Concept Renderings
Floor Plan

Site-Specific Lighting Sculpture Installation

Tapestry Harlem
New York, NY

Media: LEDs, diffusion material, slotted angle steel, vinyl coated steel cable, zinc coated hardware, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware

Dimensions: 12 ft x 16 ft x 4 ft<

This project is sponsored by No Longer Empty and El Museo Del Barrio.

No Longer Empty is an innovative project involving a group of artists and curators who are interested in exploring a new paradigm for making and presenting art.

The joint venture team of Jonathan Rose Companies and Lettire Construction Corporation is developing Tapestry, a 12-story gateway residential building located at Harlem at the foot of the RFK Bridge in Manhattan.

Courtesy of the artist and No Longer Empty and El Museo Del Barrio, photo by Grimanesa Amorós Studio