Upcoming: Site-Specific Lighting Installation

Harper St. Asphalt Plant

FLEXUS | Queens, New York 2027



LEDs, custom light sequence, and electrical hardware


AC Tank: 45 ft x 45 ft x 35 ft (13.7 m x 13.7 m x 10.7 m)
Silos: 25 ft x 55 ft x 50 ft (7.6 m x 16.7 m x 15.2 m)

Harper St. Asphalt Plant
Harper Steet Yard, 30-01 Harper Steet, Queens. A project of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs’ Percent for Art Program, the Department of Design and Construction, and the Department of Transportation.

Incorporated into the Harper Street Asphalt Plant facility, Flexus by Grimanesa Amoros is an integrated light installation that celebrates the intersection of art, infrastructure, and sustainability. Located along Flushing Creek at the interchange of the Van Wyck Expressway and Northern Boulevard, the Harper Street Asphalt Plant facility is integral to the Department of Transportation (DOT) Division of Roadway Repair & Maintenance, providing asphalt to the greater New York City area. FLEXUS mirrors the energy and pulse of the city, providing a “scenic route” for all passersby.


Grimanesa Amoros finds inspiration in the construction process and the infrastructure’s significance. She understands the role of roads in connecting destinations and facilitating transportation because of her father’s occupation as a civil engineer. He always told her, “It’s the roads that lead to the destination; they help us get from point A to point B.”

Accompanying her father to construction sites during her childhood, Amoros was captivated by the precision and systematic nature of running an asphalt plant. The vast highways weaving through the landscape fascinated her, creating a captivating visual experience for travelers.

Her latest piece, FLEXUS, utilizes the astronomical clock function in the lighting controller; Grimanesa synchronizes the lighting sequence with the natural rhythms of the environment. She ensures it harmonizes with the surroundings by turning it on shortly before sunset and off before dawn. Her objective is to inspire viewers to reimagine the structure’s aesthetic and appreciate its distinct beauty, all while promoting sustainability by using energy-conserving materials and minimizing environmental impact.

Amoros aims to evoke wonder and enchantment. FLEXUS is a project that captures the energy and vibrancy of New York City, providing visual stimulation for the staff and the community. The program showcases the AC Tanks and Silos’ beauty through carefully selected hues and intensities, offering a unique visual experience.

FLEXUS presents an opportunity for Amoros to celebrate the convergence of art, infrastructure, and sustainability. She aspires to ignite a fresh perspective in others, encouraging them to see the world differently.