Outdoor Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation


PINK LOTUS  |  New York, NY  2015 | Monumental light sculpture 



Media: LEDs, diffusion and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.
Dimensions: 41 ft x 31 ft x 17 ft
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The Lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment, transformation, and rebirth; the delicate lotus flower sprouts through the opaque pond. This flower is a metaphorical commentary—a meditation on the dynamic powers of the natural world.

PINK LOTUS, a  large-scale monumental light sculpture by Grimanesa Amoros, assumes the shape of this symbolic flower, emphasizing harmony as it gracefully sits between two idols of femininity adorning The Peninsula Hotel’s landmark facade on 5th Avenue—Ceres, the goddess of fertility, and Diane, the goddess of the hunt representing its power and softness, while PINK LOTUS connects the two with its balancing qualities.

This women empowerment piece, aimed to show the multifaceted definition of feminity, is part of “The Art of Pink,” an international Breast Cancer Awareness Month arts initiative sponsored by The Peninsula Hotels worldwide. Inspired by the theme of femininity, Amoros embarked on her exploration, culminating in the creation of PINK LOTUS—an exclusive masterpiece curated by Circa 1881.


Description: PINK LOTUS, a large-scale monumental light sculpture, is installed on the façade of The Peninsula Hotel landmark building. The large-scale light sculpture is part of “The Art of Pink,” an international Breast Cancer Awareness Month arts initiative,  sponsored by The Peninsula Hotels worldwide. PINK LOTUS has been exclusively curated by Circa 1881.