Video Art World – Fundación Alianza Hispánica

Image Alt Image Alt A selection of video artworks developed by artists originally from Peru at Alianza Hispánica Videographics from Peru Curated by Macu Morán, the selection gathers a number of works that can provide a glimpse on the evolution of the medium, interests and researches of an remarkable group of Peruvian artists. Fundacion Alianza Hispánica c/ San Pedro, 22 Madrid, 28012, Spain FUNDACION ALIANZA HISPANICA Opening: June 22, 20hs On display: until July 4, 2010. The selection, curated by Macu Moran with the support of the organization VideoArtWorld and Fundación Alianza Hispánica, attempts to show the important contributions that the Peruvian artists have provided to the development of audiovisual. Grimanesa Amoros: “The parade (La procesión)”, 2007, 4’17”
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