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Lighting Sculpture Installation Katonah Museum Onsite Katonah | Righter Gallery | Katonah, New York 2016 OnSite Katonah presents experimental, site-specific installations created in response to the Katonah Museum of Art’s distinctive landscape, architecture, and history. These artistic interventions into our … Continue reading

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Solo Exhibition Ludwig Museum Koblenz Ocupante  |  Koblenz, Germany 2016 One of five museums in Germany, initiated and supported by collectors Peter & Irene Ludwig. With its location at the “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner) where the confluence of the Rhine … Continue reading

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Light Sculpture Installation Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum THE MIRROR CONNECTION  |  Beijing, China  2013 The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing is one of China’s most prestigious and renowned art academies. It was the first national school … Continue reading

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Solo Exhibition Litvak Gallery LIGHT BETWEEN THE ISLANDS  |  Tel Aviv, Israel  2013 Light Between The Islands is an installation that includes islands of shimmering white bubbles, composed of various sizes, handmade from a different mold, and with drawings silkscreened over each … Continue reading

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Multimedia Sculpture Video Installation Longwoods Arts Project, Bronx BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH  |  Bronx, NY  2004-2006

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Light Sculpture Installation Rutgers University MOMENTUM WOMEN / ART / TECHNOLOGY  |  New Brunswick, NJ 2014 Momentum: Women/Art/Technology is an exploration into the intersection of technology, art practice and feminism. It presents innovative uses of technology utilized and advanced by women … Continue reading

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Video Exhibition Goergian National Museum’s National Gallery PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II  |  Tbilisi, Georgia 2013 The Georgian National Museum presents internationally significant collections of art and dynamic, changing exhibitions, providing audiences with inspiration and knowledge of the wonderful world of … Continue reading

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Multimedia Sculpture Installation Hardcore Art Contemporary Space YOU CANNOT FEEL IT…I WISH YOU COULD  |  Miami, Florida  2000-2009 Courtesy of the artist and Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, photo by Grimanesa Amorós Studio

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Multimedia Sculpture Installation City Art Gallery REFLEXION OBSCURA  |  Varna, Bulgaria  2006

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Drawing Installation Santa Fe Art Institute FALLING  |  Sante Fe, New Mexico  2002 Courtesy of the artist, photo by Grimanesa Amorós Studio 11 Drawings Dimensions: 4 ft x 13 ft

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