Grimanesa Amoros Uros House light sculpture installation
UROS HOUSE | Times Square, New York, NY 2011
Grimanesa Amoros Pink Lotus The Peninsula New York light sculpture
PINK LOTUS | Peninsula New York | New York, NY 2015
Grimanesa Amoros Golden Connections lighting installations Art Basel Hong Kong Bazaar Art Night
GOLDEN CONNECTIONS | Art Basel Hong Kong - Bazaar Art Night | Hong Kong, China 2013
Grimanesa Amoros Golden Waters Scottsdale Soleri Bridge light sculpture installation
GOLDEN WATERS | Soleri Bridge Scottsdale Waterfront | Scottsdale, AZ 2015
Grimanesa Amoros Breathless Maiden Lane Financial District New York light sculpture installation
BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE | Financial District New York, NY 2014
Grimanesa Amoros Ocupante Ludwig Museum Koblenz light sculpture installation
OCUPANTE | Ludwig Museum Koblenz | Koblenz, Germany 2016

View the public commission projects and exhibitions of light sculpture installation artist, Grimanesa Amorós. Inspired by natural environments, cultural sites, architecture, and technology, she creates bodies of work that illuminate our notion of personal identity and community. The works are site-specific and present an immersive experience to the architectural spaces..