Lighting Sculptures 

Richard Taittinger Gallery Show

Women | New York City, New York 2022

RICHARD TAITTINGER GALLERY is pleased to announce its exhibition, “WOMEN.” The exhibition holds a profound significance as it coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reflecting our commitment to honoring and supporting women’s health. “WOMEN” supports the transformative power of art and the remarkable exploration of the artist’s vision.


At the heart of “WOMEN” lies the extraordinary talent of renowned artist Grimanesa Amorós. Known for her mesmerizing light installations that explore themes of identity and culture, Amorós’s work embodies the spirit of empowerment and artistic innovation. Her participation in the exhibition brings a dynamic and captivating element to the showcase.

Amorós’s immersive installations use light, sculpture, and multimedia elements to create transformative experiences. Through her art, she invites viewers to engage with profound ideas and emotions, connecting on a deeper level by exploring femininity, culture, and human connection.