Biography of Grimanesa Amoros – New York-Based American Light Artist

Grimanesa Amorós was born in Lima, Peru, and lives and works in New York City. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose diverse interests include social history, scientific research, and critical theory. A direct relationship to technology is one of the distinctive features of Amorós’ practice. Her works incorporate video, lighting, and technological elements to create monumental sculptures involving architecture and engaging the community. She was a guest speaker at TEDGlobal 2014, a recipient of the ‘NEA Visual Arts Grants Fellowships 1993 ’, the ‘NEA Artist Travel Grant’, and has the distinction of being part of the ‘Art In Embassies Program of the U.S.’.

Grimanesa Amorós often draws upon important cultural legacies for inspiration. Still, she does not hold an essentialist or nostalgic view of her subjects. In the art of Grimanesa Amorós, the past is meeting the future. She is often invited as a keynote speaker at museums, foundations, and universities where her lectures attract future artists, students, and faculty engaged with science and technology. Amorós has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.