ARGENTUM light sculpture 80 White Street  New York, NY 2018

ARGENTUM | 80 White Street | New York, NY 2018

HEDERA | Prospect Park | Brooklyn New York City , NY 2018

PINK LOTUS | Peninsula New York | New York, NY 2015

GOLDEN CONNECTIONS | Art Basel Hong Kong – Bazaar Art Night | Hong Kong, China 2013

UROS HOUSE | Times Square, New York, NY 2011

GOLDEN WATERS | Soleri Bridge Scottsdale Waterfront | Scottsdale, AZ 2015

BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE | Financial District New York, NY 2014

OCUPANTE | Ludwig Museum | Koblenz, Germany 2016
Grimanesa Amorós, is an interdisciplinary artist creating light sculpture installation around the world using light, technology, and different media in her artwork. View the public commission projects and exhibitions of her light sculpture installation. Inspired by natural environments, cultural sites, architecture, and technology, she creates bodies of work that illuminate our notion of personal identity and community. The works are site-specific and present an immersive experience to the architectural spaces. Read more

Light Sculpture Art

Light is a source of life. Try to picture the Earth without it and you will realize that animals, plants and even humans would have never existed.
Wherever there is no light, the darkness emerges. Since the ancient times, a night is the time of ultimate fears. Without a clear vision of the surroundings, we find ourselves separated from the outer world, left one on one with our inner thoughts and feelings.
A source of light always produces shadows. In the same way, an idea of death would have never been invented without the existence of life. As you can see, the statement represents a concept of the duality. Nothing exists on its own, even the most distinct opposites. The shadows themselves can encourage our fears as they do at night while they please our eyes with unbelievable composition and intangible textures in pieces of light sculpture art.
Immersive large-scale installations of creative lighting art develop the mentioned above thoughts bringing out new verges of experience through the visual media. The most spiritual and incomprehensible phenomenon plays with our minds creating illusions and unfolding mysteries. Light installation artist becomes a magician, who in a fashion of magic communicates with a viewer delivering insights at the edge of perception.

Creative Lighting Installation by Grimanesa Amoros

Grimanesa Amoros is one of the most sought-after experts in light sculpture art in the world. Her every site-specific public work illuminates the surroundings with the majestic beauty of creative lighting in immersive large-scale installations. Her masterpieces invoke a wide range of feelings and memories creating specific allusions, which depend on a personal experience of the viewer.
Being born in Peru, she finds the inspiration in many cultures and places all around the globe including Africa, India, Bali, and Indonesia. As a renowned light installation artist, she gives masterclasses, interviews, lectures, and participates in exhibitions.
Interests of Grimanesa Amoros are not limited to light sculpture art; she gets a comprehensive understanding of various phenomena utilizing outstanding knowledge in critical theory, social history and even applying methods of scientific research in her works. The artist has found the unique way to combine architectural lighting with the surroundings constructing glowing streams by binding nature, water and buildings together in her immersive large-scale installations. These pieces of the art do not leave anyone untouched. There are no words to describe the experience delivered by a hand of the true light bender, but you can find a site-specific public work, which is near you on this website. Just visit the Public Commissions page in the Projects section of the top menu.