Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation


GOLDEN ARRAY | Mumbai, India 2021




LEDs, diffusive and reflective material, custom light sequence, electrical hardware


210 ft x 25 ft x 70 ft (64 m x 7.6 m x 21.3 m)


While journeying throughout India, Grimanesa Amoros was captivated by the sprawling expanse of cable lines that adorned the horizon—wires upon wires laid atop one another, stretching in every direction from every vantage point. Some are thick, others thin, twisted, knotted, or perfectly straight. Each wire followed its unique path through unknown trajectories—a tangled web, yet a web that served a vital purpose.

Amoros found herself fascinated by the intricate nature of wires, which inspired her piece GOLDEN ARRAY  located within the Bandra Kurla Complex in collaboration with Reliance Group and Maker Maxity. This sculpture serves as a visual metaphor, urging contemplation of the profound web that binds humanity and the myriad ways we communicate and connect. These threads of connectivity bridged gaps, allowing the world to stay interconnected and enabling people to communicate and relate to one another. Communication, she believes, forms the foundation of human bonds.

With her artwork, GOLDEN ARRAY, Amoros invites viewers to imagine and reflect upon the intricate and complex array that interconnects us all.


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A tangle of orange, white, and yellow lights glow in a light sequence. GOLDEN ARRAY is suspended weightlessly in the space, thus providing a sense of wonder. This sculpture recalls the many cables that provide communication to India. As a result, the cables make a visual impact on the landscape. In the same way, GOLDEN ARRAY provides the onlookers a moment to reflect on how we connect with one another.