Permanent Site-Specific Light Sculpture Installation


GOLDEN ARRAY | Grimanesa Amoros | Mumbai, India 2021

A tangle of orange, white, and yellow lights glow in a light sequence. Golden Array is suspended weightlessly in the space, thus providing a sense of wonder. This sculpture recalls the many cables that provide communication to India. As a result, the cables make a visual impact on the landscape. In the same way, Golden Array provides the onlookers a moment to reflect on how we connect with one another.

LEDs, diffusive and reflective material, custom light sequence, electrical hardware

210 ft x 25 ft x 70 ft

While journeying throughout India, I could not help but notice the vast array of cable lines complicating the horizon. Wires upon wires laid atop one another, in every direction, from every vantage point, some thick, some thin, some twisted, some knotted, some straight, some with clear direction, others following unknowable paths. Tangled, and yet, in the end, all functional.

Wires keep the world connected and give the people the ability to relate to one another. Even today, in a world moving away from the physicality of copper and fiber wires, the invisible trajectories of a wireless universe – waves and spectrum – represent the same thing: the integral and ancient connections, the essential linking points among and between people.

GOLDEN ARRAY adds to the many layers of communication, inviting the viewer to imagine and reflect on the elaborate and complex array that interconnects us.