Solo Exhibition

Ludwig Museum

Ocupante  |  Koblenz, Germany 2016


Media: mixed media, LEDs, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware.

Dimensions: 80 ft x 40 ft x 25 ft


A dream and the reality of life…

With its location at the “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner), The Ludwig Museum is an important historical landmark. In this area, the government dedicated Berlin Wall parts to the “victims of the division.”

Throughout history, borders have proven to prevent associations between people and cultures. This, therefore, leads to inequality and an imbalance of political power.

The work seeks to create a space where the viewer becomes the occupant of the museum space. Additionally, OCUPANTE dreams of a world of connection. At the same time, this work makes a living culture that promotes creativity.

OCUPANTE catalog published by HIRMER, please see the catalog page in detail, click here.