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New York Magazine: Bedford and Bowery, "Meet the Artist Behind the Dreamy New Light Installation in Prospect Park", Tara Yarlagadda, June 2018
Cuban Art News, "Amorós at MNBA", January 2018
CASAetc., "Y SE HIZO LA LUZ", Marisol Ortiz Elfeldt, 06 CASAetc. 2017
LICHT Magazine November December 2016, "Coda Awards", November - December, 2016
ART AUREA summer 2016, "Inszeniertes Licht", Andrea Mende, June, 2016
Americans for the Arts, "2016 CODAAWARDS WINNERS ANNOUNCED", Oct 2016
The Getty iris, "Artist Grimanesa Amorós on the Value of Public Art", Rachel Rivenc, September 2015
NY Post Alexa The Art Issue, "Inside the Tribeca loft of the woman who makes art from light", Raquel Laneri, May 2016
The Creators Project, "[Exclusive] Golden Light Flows Like Water in Hanging Installation", Beckett Mufson, Jun 18, 2015
TED GLOBAL Oct. 2014, "Welcome to TEDGlobal 2014", Bruno Giussani, October 2014
El Pais Oct. 7, 2013, "Aperitivo Con... Grimanesa Amorós", Ángeles García , October 7 2013
Wall Street International ART, "Grimanesa Amoros. Golden Waters", September 2015
Quintessentially Asia 12 Epiphany Issue Winter 2015, "Painting with Light", Daniel Jeffreys, Winter 2015
The Architect’s Newspaper, "ON VIEW> Grimanesa Amorós sketches lines on water", Mimi Zeiger, June 29, 2015
Interior Design August 2016, "2016 CODAawards Honor the Best Unions of Art and Design", Nicholas Tamarin, Aug 2016
The Arizona Republic, "Canal art sheds light on Salt River Project", Sonja Haller,
e-architect, "Golden Waters", I Lomholt,
Design Life Network, "Bridge to Enlightenment", Bill Indursky, August 6, 2015
CODAawards Abraxas Lifestyle, "Announcing the winners of the 2016 CODAawards", September 2016
Indagare Magazine, "Five Questions for… Artist Grimanesa Amorós", Emma Pierce, July 11, 2016
White Wall Magazine, "ART CHANGES THE WORLD, AT ART BASEL HONG KONG", Sarah Bochicchio, May 28, 2013
lighting today, "Special Feature: Golden Waters", Jo-Ann Alicia Teo, October 2015
LICHT, "Licht Als Universale Sprache", Andrea Mende, Septemeber 2015
So Scottsdale, "Scottsdale Now", Photo by Carl Schultz, July 2015
arts Scottsdale, "Golden Waters",
The Peninsula Hotels, "The New Pink", October 01, 2015
Forecast Public Art, "Golden Waters", January 6, 2016
Liberatum Feature, "Grimanesa Amoros - Women in Creativity", May 2016
Yale Radio WYBCX, "Grimanesa Amorós | Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX", Brainard Carey, June 2016
The Peninsula Autumn, 2015, "The Art of Pink", Ann Tsang, Autumn 2015
Travel and Leisure Mexico Autumn, 2015, "Art en Rose", Cristina Alonso, October 2015
Harper′s BAZAAR Art China July 2014, "BAZAAR Art Night Innovators", July 2014
Wall Street International July 2015, "Grimanesa Amoros. Golden Waters", July 2015
Architectural Digest June 30, 2015, "Light Art Illuminates a Canal in the Desert", Michael Slenske, June 30 2015
Phoenix New Times June 11, 2015, "Grimanesa Amoros Sculpture Lights Up Scottsdale Waterfront This Summer ", Lynn Trimble, June 11 2015
The Architects Newspaper June 29, 2015, "ON VIEW> Grimanesa Amorós sketches lines on water", Mimi Zeiger , June 29 2015
Whitewall Spring 2014, "Profile Grimanesa Amoros", Sola Agusston, Spring 2014
Vogue Latin America Nov. 2013, "poesía SIN LÍMITES", Manuel Santelices , November 2013
Harper′s BAZAAR ART Russia Nov. 2013, "ЯРМАРКА", November 2013
Harper′s BAZAAR Art China May 2013, "Half Brine Half Flame ", May 2013
Harper′s BAZAAR Art China July 2013, "Art Changes the World - 2013 Bazaar Art Night", Jeannete Chang, July 2013
Cosas Magazine Issue 539, 2014, "Moda, Arte y Luz", March 2014
Asia Sur Nov. 2013, "Artista de la Luz", Tabata Fernández-Concha, November 2013
Hana Bank Magazine Winter 2013, "자연을 닮은 유연한 삶의 흔적", Winter 2013
NRG Isarel Apr. 17, 2013, "Distant lights : Grimanesa Amoros here", April 17 2013
Ask A New Yoker Oct. 25, 2014, "New Yorker of the Moment: Grimanesa Amoros", Ask A New Yorker, October 25 2014
Princeton Info Nov. 12, 2014, "Full STEAM Ahead With ‘Women/ Art/Technology’", Ilene Dube, November 12 2014
The Fashionable Truth Nov. 14, 2014, "Artist Grimanesa Amorós throws light into the deepest corners of creativity", Gigi Stoll, November 14 2014
Arte Al Limited Nov. 2013, "Grimanesa Amoros (Or Ariadne's Eagerness)", Andrés Isaac Santana , November 2013
art.es Project #45, "art.es PROJECT 45 Grimanesa Amorós", Jane Farver, February 2015
Modern Magazine Summer 2014, "Art to Walk Into, Under, Around, or Through ", Sara Spink , Summer 2014
Arqtist Magazine Apr. 2014, "Grimanesa Amoros Uros Island", April 2014
Cosas Magazine Issue 523, 2013, "Luces de La Gran Cuidad ", Raúl Cachay A., 2013
Casas Magazine Issue 185, 2013, "El Loft y La Artista ", Laura Alzubide, 2013
Objekt China 01, "Grimanesa Amoros' Colourful Omniversem ", Robyn Prince,
ArtNexus Magazine Issue 91, 2013, "Reviews: Grimanesa Amoros Tabacalera de Madrid", Andrés Isaac Santana, 2013
Installation Magazine June, 2013, "Luminous Circuitry ", A. Moret, June 2013
Pen Magazine No. 333, April 2013, "祖国ぺルーが、 NYで光のドローイングに昇華", 藤森愛実, April 2013
Jing Daily May 15, 2013, "精日专访: 秘鲁艺术家阿莫罗斯的中国行", May 15 2013
ARQ Magazine N0. 18, 2013, "Ambiente de Inspiración", Sonia Moy, 2013
Harper′s BAZAAR Espana 2013, "Horas de Luz", Nerea Dolara, 2013
Mondo Arc Magazine No. 79, 2014, "[spotlight] Maiden Voyage ", June/July 2014

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