WYNWOOD Summer 2008

Grimanesa Amorós Interview Grimanesa Amorós is an artist who enjoys well-deserved international acclaim. Her work demonstrates an interest in sociology, anthropology and scientific research, especially in the fields of biology and genetics.

Wynwood magazine


Through her work she touches on universal themes of concern to contemporary individuals, such as: the relationship between man and nature, personal and social identity, gender issues. Using various artistic media included video, photography, sculpture and installation, her work becomes a powerful vehicle, promoting diversity and dialogue among cultures. Our magazine interviewed her on the occasion of her recent exhibition in Miami.

WAM – you are currently presenting the installation “You Cannot Feel It…! I Wish you Could,” (2000-2003) at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space here in Miami. Could you tell us how this idea came about and what circumstances led you to create this piece?

GA – “You Cannot Feel it… I Wish you Could” is a piece that came out of my own experience and my husband’s curiosity about pregnancy and childbirth. It made me think about how only a woman can really know what it feels like to have a life growing inside you. The bond that forms because of the physical aspects of being pregnant and the ability to feed and nurture this new being you’ve created, is something that’s unavoidable to men. However, scientific advancement seems to process at lightning speed, so perhaps the idea of a male pregnancy is not as impossible a feat as it may seem. We don’t know what the future holds.
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