grimanesa amoros asphalt flexus

Flexus  by Grimanesa Amoros 

A rendering of a light installation at the Harper Street Asphalt Plant facility in Corona.(Grimanesa Amoros)

Incorporated into the Harper Street Asphalt Plant facility in Corona, Flexus by Grimanesa Amorós is an integrated light installation that celebrates the intersection of art, infrastructure and sustainability. 

Using an astronomical clock function in the lighting controller, Amorós will program a lighting sequence —which will bathe the surrounding infrastructure in cool and warm light in a looping sequence— to turn on before sunset and off before dawn, ensuring it complements the environment’s natural rhythms. The lighting sequence will amplify the beauty of the facility infrastructure through its different hues and intensities of light. Through this, Amorós aims to inspire people to appreciate the structure’s unique beauty while promoting sustainability using energy conserving materials to minimize the project’s environmental impact.

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