Exclusive Paradis Impérial Cognac Tastings

Grimanesa Amoros light sculputre Lotus at QUINTESSENTIALLY HENNESSY VIP event


Quintessentially has partnered with Hennessy, the legendary French Maison de Cognac, to curate bespoke and intimate experiential tastings and four-course dinners that celebrate its ultra-refined expression: Paradis Impérial.

Bringing together select Quintessentially Members and Cognac connoisseurs, Hennessy, which has been crafting the world’s finest Cognacs since 1765, is able to indulge invités to a culinary moment like no other. The dinners, which so far have taken place in New York and at Art Basel Miami Beach, are contemporary gastronomic evenings with the eau-de-vie’s “Made of Precision” leitmotif – front and centre.

At the Art Basel Miami Beach event last year, in the penthouse of the Residences at The Miami Beach EDITION, Hennessey and Quintessentially tapped Grimanesa Amorós, a Peruvian light artist based in New York City, to co-host the event.

“Precision, a word I love is part of my life and my work, the lighting must be extremely precise,” reasoned the artist, who is known for immersive, large-scale light sculpture and light installations around the world. “For me, the evening was a romance with the Unknown; a wonderful opportunity to learn and discover behind-the scene the creation of Paradis Impérial.”This spring will see the collaboration continue to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.



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