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Uros Island is part of a series of light sculptures, inspired by my visit to Lake Titicaca in Peru. Since I was a child, living on the coast of Peru, I have always loved the beauty of the ocean; everything from the tides to the colors, to the bubbles and the foam. Off the coast of Puno, Peru are the Uros Islands. The Uros Islands are floating islets that are made of totora reeds that are grown in Lake Titicaca. Everything that ranges from houses to boats to watch towers are made of these totora reeds. Evolving from those two ideas, I created Uros Island.

I have always work with subject matters that relate to my personal experience and anything that is of interest. I prefer to work with organic shapes. As for materials, I use the ones that are practically and best express my ideas.

A particular electrical hardware was developed specifically to create the Uros Island use a custom lighting sequence influenced by my larger lighting works. It’s like being a conductor expect instead of using music; I use light as my visual language. My work differs from other contemporary light artist because I focus a lot on the lighting sequences. Other artists have chose to write software so their work is influenced and altered by external inputs.

I can control the hue, saturation, and intensity of every point of light to the time scale of .01 second. My work is driven by this timeline sequence, which is designed to loop in such a way that my viewer never knows where the sequence begins or ends. Uros Island differs from my larger works, as it’s customized to be more suitable for smaller space.
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