Mondo Arc Magazine No. 79, 2014

Spotlight Maiden Voyage

mondo magazine


Breathless Maiden Lane by artist Grimanesa Amorós explores and reveals the atrium’s architecture of 125 Maiden Lane, a glass, marble and granite space in New York’s Financial District. This is Amorós’ latest sculpture from her newest body of work utilizing LED lights in combination with diffusive material and her signature ‘bubble’ sculptures.

Amorós suspended Breathless Maiden Lane in the middle of the atrium, hovering above the ground as if weightless. Although the work appears to defy gravity, a structural grid, designed to echo the building’s monumental windows, stands against the back wall of the atrium. This structure serves as the work’s spine, supporting the bubble sculptures and graceful LED lines. The lines stretch from the bubbles and structure to explore the architecture of the atrium in undulating loops. Some lines tough the window panes if grasping for the street. The result is a marvelous tangle of coils, swirls and arcs. A dynamic pattern activates the LEDs, in four shades of white and a golden yellow, giving the work an ethereal quality. At night, reflections from Breathless Maiden Lane bounce off the high shine marble walls, stainless steel ceiling and windows to create an immersive environment of reflections on an endless feedback loop
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