Site-Specific Light Sculpture


AMPLEXUS |  Cultural Palace Diplomatic Quarters, Saudi Arabia 2022

Noor Riyadh AMPLEXUS Diplomatic Quarters


LEDs, diffusive and reflective material, custom light sequence, and electrical hardware


100 ft x 85 ft x 32 ft (30 m x 26 m x 10 m)


AMPLEXUS (Latin for embrace) is an immersive light sculpture installation that embodies global identity.

The piece communicates directly with Riyadh’s contemporary and historical architecture, viewers, and the surrounding environment by connecting the city’s past and its ever-evolving tomorrow, nature, and the digital world. The work looks toward Riyadh’s global future while celebrating the city’s cultural heritage and community.

AMPLEXUS takes inspiration from traditional Islamic architecture, reinterpreting it within a digital age. At the same time, it engages with the modern shape of the installation site, Riyadh’s Cultural Palace, the heart of the city’s global relations. A light sculpture will be installed into the distinctive circular overhang of the building. The lighting sequence reconnects the city with the surrounding desert by recalling sunrises and sunsets on dunes. Tubing structures formed with the columns of the building and reflective material installed on the floor below will envelop viewers within their cultural heritage, community, and environment.

Thousands of souls dreaming and working together created the city of Riyadh. The breathtaking ferocity of the surrounding desert is a testament to human innovation. AMPLEXUS embraces this collective community consciousness, the city’s architecture, and the untamed magic of the desert itself.