Single Channel Video
Gitar: Sharon Isbin
Flute: Carol Wincenc
Composers: Tan Dun, Joan tower
Conductor: Muhai Tang
Lisbon Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra
Full Length: 5 min 12 sec
Year: 2014
Country of Production: USA

( English / Espanol )


When I was in the island of Taquile in Puno, Peru, or when I was among the Aborigines in the jungles of the Amazon, or when I learned some of the Ashanti’s rituals in Africa, I understood that all of these cultures have a long tradition of meditation. This led me to understand the state of our minds that allows us to make a mental leap to enter different dimensions of our existence.

I believe that we are the owners of our own minds and lives, and it is important to eliminate the fear of pain, death, or the limitations that we are constantly putting upon ourselves every day. It becomes a real obstacle between our dream and the reality we lived.

A dream and the reality of life, OCUPANTE was inspired by my first visit made to the Space Tabacalera in Madrid, located in the very special neighborhood La Vapies. I will take the viewer on a trip through different physical spaces, where dreams and reality interlude constantly, and they become the occupants of their dreams and realities.


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