Ask A New Yorker

Our latest New Yorker of the Moment is Grimanesa Amoros who recently connected with us here at AANY for a short interview. The Peruvian-born interdisciplinary artist is known for her other-wordly art installations, often focused on personal identity and the interplay between humans and their environments. Eternally prolific, she was just in Rio de Janeiro for a TEDGlobal conference in which she was a featured speaker. Amoros’s previous public art installations have been featured everywhere from Tribeca to Harlem and even Times Square making her an integral part of the city’s canvas. So we at AANY were thrilled to be able to ask her a few questions and it is with pride that we present that short exchange below. How long have you lived in NYC? 30 years. What is your favorite thing about the city? It is forever changing. What is your least favorite thing about NYC? Rats! Where would you be if you weren’t here? Eating gelatos, in the south of Italy. What are you doing right now that you are passionate about? Researching and developing new work. To learn more about Grimanesa Amoros and see her portfolio, visit her website
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