Multimedia Sculpture | Exhibition

N5 FASHION ART Institute

PRECIOUS NIPPLES | Madrid, Spain 2021

N5 Fashion Art Institute
Fashions by Manuel Fernandez

Media: Dress, acrylic, mixed media.
60 x 12 x 12 inches

Grimanesa Amorós collaborated with fashion designer Manuel Fernandez for the sculpture dress Precious Nipples in 2012. The dress was chosen and worn by actress Juana Acosta as the featured image to represent The Exhibition N5 in 2021. N5 is an organization that focuses on defending all genders’ rights and empowering all women and girls.

Manuel Fernándezm created N5, an exhibition project, for Fashion Art Institute and Omar Ayyashi. It addresses the fifth sustainable development objective (ODS) set by the European Union in its 2030 plan. In addition, the photographs address the different ODS number five raises in everyday life situations. The dresses have been photographed with actresses such as Belén Rueda, Paz Vega, Juana Acosta, Anna Castillo, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo. Light artist Grimanesa Amorós intervene Precious Nipples with Manuel Fernández, designed exclusively for “Fashion Art Institute”.

For more information, please visit the websites below:

For more information, please visit the websites below:

#1 #2 Photo Credit: Actress Juana Acosta and Omar Ayyashi

ARTIST STATEMENT (English / Espanol)

Tomás y Valiente Center of Art opens its doors to an exhibition that explores the existing relationship between visual arts and fashion design. The proposal, new and different, aims to converge both artistic languages and aesthetic references into a final result that is a garment and, at the same time, a work of art.

This exhibition unites art, solidarity and social commitment. One of the fundamental parts of the project FASHION ART is the creation of a foundation, the Fashion Art Institute, whose target is a specific plan of development in the area of Amador, Panama.