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The collaboration between Veronique Gabai and Grimanesa Amoros originated from their shared passion for light and fragrance. Upon their introduction, Grimanesa openly discussed the challenge of identifying a specific captivating scent with Veronique. This perplexing and intoxicating scent emerged during Grimanesa’s travels to desert lands, where she mixed and matched scents but could not replicate the allure. Veronique’s extensive expertise as a top perfumer allowed her to skillfully dissect and recognize the components that had enchanted Grimanesa with her unique oils. This partnership created L’OASIS-DESERT ROSE, a collaboration inspired by Veronique’s profound connection to the Mediterranean Sea and Grimanesa’s admiration for deserts.

In the spirit of light, hope, and optimism, like an Oasis, Desert Rose instills a feeling that life can lead to beauty and that anything is possible with generosity and joy. Veronique shared with Grimanesa that this rose was born from the desert like an oasis: pure, dewy, and almost mineral. It invites you to relish every inspiring aspect of life. Fluid in nature, it embraces the spicy warmth of woods for a sensual dance in the sand. Its essence is intertwined with sacred frankincense, lending the perfume its mystical depth, and infused with aromatic coffee to awaken desires and alluring musk to captivate the senses. Grimanesa’s drawing for the engraving was inspired by scent. The concept of an Oasis being the focal point of life amidst the desert’s desolation in the drawing symbolizes revival, resilience, and strength. This symbolism is mirrored in the circular form of the organic drawing she crafted, which is a nod to the circle of life—forever continuous and Huacachina, an Oasis found only a few hours from Grimanesa’s upbringing in the capital of Lima. The inner lines, abstractly resembling a rose’s stem and petals, are a significant fragrance element. This amalgamation reflects the essence of the scent, continuity, and nature’s ability to amaze.

This aromatic journey captures the golden dunes of Huacachina, resulting in a sensory exploration that transcends geographical boundaries. This unique composition pays homage to the allure of Huacachina’s vast dunes and the freshness of the Mediterranean waves, creating a fragrance that mirrors the meeting of the coastal elegance of the French Riviera with the enchanting landscapes of Peru.

L’OASIS-DESERT ROSE is an experiential, transporting you to the new. Grimanesa and Veronique welcome you to a celebration of scent.


A percentage of the proceeds will be given to PUR Projet. They are experts at empowering local communities to develop long-term socio-environmental projects—including agroforestry, land preservation, and sustainable agricultural practices. Your proceeds will be specifically for planting in Peru, a country close to Grimanesa’s heart and where magic is grown for Veronique’s unique blends.