World Monuments Fund

SCENT DINNER  |  New York, NY 2012

This Scent Dinner is a collaboration between Scent Critic and Director of the Center for Olfactory Research at the Museum of Art & Design, Chandler Burr and Owner of Fonda restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Chef Roberto Santibañez, and Grimanesa Amoros—in which two parallel experiences were created:

The Olfactory Menu

Created between Chandler Burr and Arquiste (represented by founder Carlos Huber) composed of a master class of perfumes and raw materials.

The Gustatory Menu

Created by Chef Robert Santibañez, translating the scent menu into a tasting menu.

Guests consumed the six-course olfactory menu by smell, and each course of the ‘gustatory’ dinner menu was made of scent raw materials and perfumes they were used in. The concept of the scent dinner is enriched by the rich didactic and historic background of Arquiste perfumes.

Illustrating not only the particular stories behind each fragrance but offering a glimpse into how ingredients used both in perfumery and the culinary arts has traveled back and forth between all continents. The importance of these ingredients has repercussions on commercial, political, cultural, and even artistic areas. This scent dinner is a “meeting point” between scent and cuisine as a cultural phenomenon and the historic background that supports them.

In collaboration with World Monuments Fund, AQUISTE Director Carlos Huber and Perfumers Yann Vasnier & Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Presented by Chandler Burr, Director, and Curator of the Center of Olfactory Art at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, NY.

Hosted by Grimanesa Amoros and Grimanesa Amoros Studio in New York, NY.

Menu created and prepared by Roberto Santibañez, Chef and Owner of Fonda restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY.