Commissioned Site-Specific Proposals

15 USW

Palace of Jewels | 15 Union Square West, New York

Courtyard Sculpture: To create a permanent site-specific sculpture for the courtyard of 15 Union Square West. Part of what makes 15USW so unique is its history as the former address of Tiffany & Co.’s headquarters. The building’s original six floors were constructed in the 1800s, when cast iron was a relatively inexpensive way to create complex facades.

Dimension: 50 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet

Owner and contractor: Brack Capital Real Estate, New York
Architects: ODA and Perkins Eastman, New York
Structural Engineer: De-Simone, New York

Artist Statement 

The inspiration for this piece is my time spent in Iceland in areas filled with with geysers. I envision this piece to be like a jewel box opening with the jewel-like spheres rising from the box to the top. Transparent, pearlescent acrylic spheres of varying diameters will appear to float in the space between 15USW and the adjacent building but will be attached to a framework that will be designed with the help of a structural engineer to ensure safety and durability. The smallest spheres will be at the top of the piece, about 50 feet from the bottom of the courtyard, and below the 7th floor. As sunlight permeates into the courtyard, tiny sparkles of colored light refract prismatically through the hundreds of crystals filling the spheres. The phenomenon will reoccur at dusk as warm artificial light emanates from below the piece, providing sufficient illumination for the courtyard, not quite as bright as a street light.