Site-Specific Proposal

Media: LEDs, diffusive and reflective material, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware Dimensions: 100 ft x 100 ft x 15 ft

How we build things has always fascinated me. My father, a civil engineer, was an essential figure in my life and always told me, “it’s the roads that lead to the destination, they are what help us get to point a to point b.”

My father always made sure I understood the importance of infrastructure. When I was younger, I would join him at work and roam the construction sites. I vividly remember that everything was done with precision. My father’s world fascinated me, from the asphalt being laid to the ground, to what seemed like the never-ending miles of highway. It was the systematic process that captivated me.

Mountains are a natural structure, some containing winding roads. When these roads are created, they snake in and out through nature. It gives passengers and drivers the sense of zipping through the scenery, being known as a “scenic route.” FLEXUS aims to create a “scenic route” for people working at the plant and members of the community. The goal is to make them re-imagine the structure into one of nature — a communication with sustainability and the effort to preserve our environment.