Proyecto de pantalla grande

VÍDEOS por Grimanesa Amorós

THE BIG SCREEN PROJECT Sixth Avenue between 29th and 30th Street

Screentime in January, 2011: 7th 5pm, 9th 1pm, 10th 6pm, 15th 1pm, 16th 5pm February, 2011: 2nd 5pm, 15th 1pm, 21st 5pm, 23rd 1pm, 24th 6pm

The Big Screen Project is an innovative venue for video, film, live and interactive content that will set a new standard for the urban, cinematic experience. It consists of a large 30 x 16.5 ft. HD Format LED screen located at the 10,000 sq. ft. public plaza behind a new 54-story multi-use building in New York City.

Para obtener más información sobre el artista, comuníquese con Wendy Liang, [email protected]
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