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INTRODUCTION STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI Read More: DOWNLOAD PDF  This book tells the story of SHE DEVIL, the video exhibition created by STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI. She Devil is the name of a heroine in the Marvel Comics universe, Shanna the She … Continue reading
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a-part festival international dartcontemporain alpillesprovence Read More: DOWNLOAD PDF  Témoignage de festivalière Le Festival a-part est avant tout une expérience de partage. Un espace-temps différent, où l'unique est accessible à qui veut le voir. Il m'a fallu batailler pour y … Continue reading
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DETRÁS DEL MURO Escenario Líquido ELVIA ROSA CASTRO DOWNLOAD PDF El soporte utilizado por Detrás del Muro es el espacio público. En consecuencia, existe en interacción y diálogo con este tipo de espacios en el contexto urbano. En la base … Continue reading
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GRIMANESA AMOROS Peru/U.S.A. READ MORE: DOWNLOAD PDF: We are always in continuous change; The only thing that never changes is change itself. I'm living and creating in this process of change called: ART.
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ART OMI INTERNATION ARTISTS RESIDENCY READ MORE: DOWNLOAD PDF Art Omi was very important for me... it was the place where I had the opportunity and time to develop my ideas and made my first sculptures, something I always wanted … Continue reading
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Grimanesa Amorós Born 1962 Rootless Algas, 2004 Single channel video Edited by Grimanesa Amorós and Cooper Miller Original Score by Hillmar Orn Hilmarsson READ MORE: DOWNLOAD PDF: Grimanesa Amorós Born 1962 Between Heaven and Earth, 2004-6 Single Channel Video Edited by … Continue reading
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FRENTE FEROZ (ferocious front) is a site-specific public art project commissioned by real estate developer Eugene Giscombe for the Lee Building at 125th Street and Park Avenue, New York City. This installation was inspired by Mr. Giscombe's passionate interest in … Continue reading
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1 - WHAT A PIECE OF WORK Grimanesa Amoros (Peru) READ MORE DOWNLOAD PDF:  The word man has many different meanings. It can mean a single male human being, or it can refer to the human species as a whole. … Continue reading
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FOREWORD Wallace I. Edgecombe Director of Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture Read More: • Introduction by Edwin Ramoran • A Moment of Sanctuary by Susan Aberth • A Journey Between Heaven and Earth by Marek Bartelik DOWNLOAD PDF … Continue reading
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HARDCORE ART CONTEMPORARY SPACE DOWNLOAD PDF GRIMANESA AMORÓS. Aurora (Detail) • Lighting Sculpture / Escultura iluminada • Mixed Media / Técnica Mixta. Dimensions variable • 28 x 19.5 in / 71 x 48.3 x 13cm
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